Can you tell me how it works?

Once you have a property in mind we ask you to bring proof of income, deposit and identification to us so we can assess if you can afford the monthly instalments comfortably. We prefer it if you can come to our office in Gravesend, Kent for a face to face meeting. After this we arrange a viewing and if you like the property we both sign a lock out agreement with you to stop us selling to another buyer and to take the property off the market. After this we exchange contracts with solicitors. When all this is completed you move in and begin paying your monthly instalments.


When can I view the property?

Our company procedure is that we interview buyers prior to a viewing. This is why we arrange a meeting first.


Do I need a solicitor?

Yes. All our conveyancing is done through solicitors.


Are there any hidden costs?

The only other fee apart from the deposit and monthly instalments is the lock out agreement fee which is £999 pounds. This agreement takes the property off the market and prevents us from selling to another buyer.


How much do I need to earn?

To afford one of our properties on an instalment contract we usually require you to earn 2.5 times the amount of the instalment amount per month. We do take in account the earnings of any other person who will be living at the property and may be party to the agreement.


Does the deposit come off the purchase price?

Yes. The deposit price comes off the purchase price and the instalments are based on the remaining balance. The buyer is welcome to pay a higher deposit to reduce the monthly payment.


420 months sounds like a long time why is it so long?

Our standard contract length is 420 months and this is to make it as affordable as possible. You are of course able to and encouraged to complete on our deal early at no extra cost as soon as you can pay off the remaining balance.


Is it legal?

Yes. This agreement is completely legal and you are required to seek legal advice from your own independent solicitor.


Do I need to get a mortgage?

Obtaining a mortgage is not a requirement in order to buy one of our properties as you simply pay us monthly instalments. That’s why it’s called Easy Home Own.


What is exchanging contracts?

Exchanging contracts is the final step in a house purchase and occurs after a solicitor has carried out all necessary searches and there is agreement to the contract terms. Once each party has signed the contracts and they have been exchanged, they are binding.


 Can I use a guarantor?

Yes, we will consider a guarantor subject to suitability and being party to the contract.


I can’t find a property in my location?

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